The purpose of this website is to give an overview of all Shito Kai dojo in Belgium. 
There are links to each club their site and / or contact information.
We also gather all events and photos by and for the group.


In Shi-to-kai the "kai" means "association".  A number of teachers in Belgium united to Shito Kai Belgium. The name Shi-to (-ryu) is a tribute to the two teachers of Sensei Mabuni. "Shi" is the Japanese pronunciation of the ideogram which in Okinawa as "Ito" is read and "To" is the Japanese equivalent of "Higa" in Okinawan. Itosu Sensei and Sensei Higaonna were the two main teachers of Sensei Mabuni, the founder of Shito-ryu Karate-do.